Diesel Products


Single heater with ducting

Part no. KTHFIN04-1OUTW12V

Single heater with ducting and 7 day timer


Twin heater with ducting

Part no. KTHFIN04-2OUTW12V

Twin heater with ducting and 7 day timer

Part no. KTHFIN04-2OUT12VPGM

Available in 12V & 24V, the 2kW diesel fired Air Top heater operates quickly and powerfully, is virtually noiseless and highly economical in fuel and power consumption. Used while the vehicle is stationary, the unit not only warms the cab interior but also dehumidifies for complete comfort. In normal operation, the heater would use approximately 1 litre of diesel fuel every 5-6 hours. The Air Top heaters are easy to install inside the vehicle due to their compact design and come with a 2 year Australia-wide warranty.

Kit includes: 1x Controller, 1x Floor mount heater bracket, 1x Metre 60mm Ducting hose, 2x Duct Clamp 47-70mm, 1x Air Outlet, 1x Hose connector for outlet, 1x Vent 600mm flat open.


  • Fuel Tank
  • Programmable Timer


Technical Specifications:

Air Top 2000ST*
Dimensions (mm; LxWxH) 317x120x121
Power consumption (W) partial/full 9 - 22
Voltage (V) 12/24
Heat output (kW) partial/full 0.9 - 2.0
Fuel consumption (l/h) partial/full 0.12 - 0.24
Weight (kg) 2.6

Webasto 12Litre Plastic Fuel Tank

Part no. 86227A


Webasto Diesel Cooktop

Part no. WA9000A

With Webasto's Diesel Cook Top , experience the comfort of home cooking whilst in the great outdoors without the need for powerpoints or LPG gas bottles.

Technical specifications:

Cooking power (kW)
0.9 - 1.9

Fuel consumption (l/h)
Diesel, 0.09 - 0.18

Voltage (V)

Power consumption (A)
0.3 A (max. 8 A for 4 min. during start)

Warmup time
~ 3 min

Dimensions L x W x H (mm) Ceran hotplate
466 x 316 x 50

Dimensions L x W x H (mm) protective casing
565 x 366 x 172 (2 cm exhaust noozle)

Weight (kg)
8 (hotplate) 1.5 (casing)